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Three Reasons to Choose OneHourFinance

The auto loan financing clock shows you can save time by completing only one application for multiple loan offers.

Save Time

One application, multiple lenders with quick response. Forget multiple loan applications across multiple sites, and forget waiting to hear back! Apply once and compare up to four offers, all at the same time. Whether you are applying for an auto loan, financing for a new or used car, or are simply looking to refinance your current auto loan, you'll get the best auto loan rates from top lenders using our simple  and fast lending platform.

The dollar sign shows you can save money by comparing the rates of loan offers from competing lenders.

Save money

See competing lender offers side by side, fast and fee-free. When you can compare multiple offers in one place, you're more likely to save money. Compare several competitive rates at once and choose the auto loan offer with the best rate for you. When you can choose, you save! And guess what - OneHourFinance's Applications are fast AND completely fee-free. 

Drive with confidence knowing you got the best auto loan financing.

drive satisfied

When you're happy, we're happy. Contact us with any questions or concerns so you're confident with your choice in auto financing. With easy to compare rates and offers from OneHourFinance, you're in control of the auto financing and buying process. We'll never pressure you to choose one of our offers. Apply now to get the auto financing offers you're looking for, then get ready to drive satisfied!

About Onehourfinance

Who is is an internet-based company within the United States that specializes in helping consumers get the best auto financing rates and offers available. We’re a no-frills, no-fuss kind of place, which is why we’re able to get our customers quick and easy online auto loan offers in about an hour—just like our name implies! 

How does work?

We keep an eye on the best rates in the financing marketplace so you don’t have to. When you fill out your free application on our patented platform, you’ll be presented with multiple loan offers from various lenders. That’s right—one application, multiple offers, and all in about an hour!

We have partnerships with many auto loan lenders and do our best to only pair you with the offers that are right for you. In the end, you choose the lender and rate you want (but there’s never an obligation to do so).

If you choose to select one of the loan offers, you will receive an online certificate or check within 24 hours from your chosen lender. Then, use your auto loan like cash to buy the vehicle of your dreams or refinance your current loan! 

Why choose

Our online application is simple to follow, completely fee-free, and super fast. As our name implies, the whole process takes about an hour. Fill out an application and let us do the work: in about an hour, we'll match you with multiple lenders that fit your needs via our patented analysis assessment process.

Have more questions? We have more answers. Check out Frequently Asked Questions